Roots Blowers


Roots Blower

Roots URAI Blowers are available in 17 different models. All  models include universal mounting feet to allow for  easy mounting in four different configurations 

Roots URAI-J Whispair

Roots Blower

Roots URAI-J Whispair Blowers are available in 5 different models. They provide reduced noise levels by up to 5 dBA.  All  models include universal mounting feet

Roots RAM

Roots Blower

ROOTS RAM Blowers are available in 8 different  models.  Versions include RAM, RAM-J (quieter) and RAM-GJ (for gas applications)


Roots Blower

Roots RCS, RGS and RVS Blowers are available in numerous models and configurations.  Some designs have been discontinued from the factory, but most are still available from Sunco 

Roots DVJ

Roots Blower

Roots DVJ Blowers have an exclusive discharge  jet plenum design, which allows cool atmospheric air to flow into the  cylinder.  This  design permits continuous operation at higher vacuum levels 

Other Roots Blowers

Root Blower

For more information on all other Roots Blowers, including Roots FLO, DSL, VJ 

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