Expert Blower Repair

We Repair All Makes and Model Blowers

SUNCO provides expert repair and services on all brands of positive displacement blowers, regenerative blowers, and  vacuum pumps. Our factory trained and certified personnel perform all repairs in-house and use only genuine OEM parts in our repairs. 

Our Blower Repair Process Includes:

  • Disassemble and Inspect Blower - Upon receiving a blower, our factory trained technicians will do a visual inspection and then fully disassemble the blower. We will then measure the clearances and check the condition of all components. During this time, we will work to establish the cause of the blower failure so that future occurrences may be avoided.                             
  • Issue a Blower Inspection Report - A detailed inspection report with photos will be sent to the customer. The report will detail our findings and specify the parts and work necessary to restore your blower to working condition. If the repair will be cost-prohibitive due to excessive damage or replacement parts costs, we will recommend new and remanufactured replacement options.
  • Blower is Repaired - Upon receipt of a purchase order, necessary parts will be ordered and the blower will be prepped for overhaul and repair. If necessary, the internal housing and rotors will be hand cleaned or machined to ensure proper operating tolerances. Upon completion of the repair, the blower will be primed and painted. All blowers will then be test-run. Also a vibration analysis will be performed on larger blowers and the results will be sent to the customer.         
  • Inform Customer of Completion - When the blower repair has been completed, we contact the customer to arrange return shipment. 

We use only OEM replacement parts for all repairs.  And all repaired blowers are fully guaranteed.  Your 100% satisfaction is our only goal!


Have a Blower You Need Repaired?