Blower Components & Accessories

Filter Assemblies


Inlet Filter/Silencers are designed to  mount directly on the inlet of a blower.   It will  provide up to 20 dBA noise reduction and the paper filter media has an  efficiency of 99% on 1 micron particles



Inlet and Discharge Silencers are designed to reduce noise, making your blower installation and surrounding areas quieter. Sunco stocks a wide array of sizes and materials of construction for quick shipment

Relief Valves


Sunco Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves are vital to the protection of your blower.   Standard construction is with a preset PSI or "Hg, but weighted relief valves, which are field adjustable, are also available.  All are in-stock for immediate shipment

Check Valves


Check Valves are available in Wafer Style (shown) and Inline/Threaded.  A variety of sizes and elastomer seals are available in-stock for immediate shipment 

Blower Oil


Proper lubrication is the key to long blower life.  Synthetic blower oil  is highly recommended and allow for longer time between change-outs.  Available by the quart, case, gallon and more.    

Replacement Filter Elements


Sunco offers replacement filter elements in a wide variety of sizes and types of filtration media.  Paper, Felt, Wire Mesh and Polyurethane.  Replacements for Solberg, Stoddard, Universal and more.